Bavo Freestyles

Known for his entertaining freestyle videos with a creative twist, Bavo continuously grows as a visual storyteller. From his first YouTube videos in 360p filmed in his parents’ backyard to 4K screenings at film festivals, he has been a child of the digital age who developed along with the audiovisual trends of the time.

Armed with a ball and a camera, Bavo has gained a unique expertise in creating basketball visuals tailor-made to brands’ marketing needs. In a day and age where every company understands the importance of video to achieve their desired goals, Bavo can be relied on to create content to set your brand apart from the competition. No more long hours coordinating talent, camera crew, post production, … Bavo takes care of it all so that you can focus on your core business.

Care to hire a world-class ball handler and visual storyteller in one? Let’s talk!

In case you are not convinced yet, have a look at some of the brands that have trusted Bavo to create content for their campaigns:

A staple in the sports ball industry, Molten contracted Bavo to create unique content for their B7G3800, B33T5000, and BC7R-USA models. The Japanese company has shaped the public’s perception of what a basketball looks like by being the official game ball to plenty of FIBA ​​regulated professional basketball leagues. Now wanting to broaden their brand and move away from the sometimes almost sterile image of organized basketball, they wanted content in a more organic, outdoor setting all while their products were presented in a dazzling fashion.

Another ball brand that originated in Japan, Tachikara might not be as widespread as Molten, but it has managed to gain a cult-like following by appealing to the freestyle basketball scene with its uniquely colourful designs. To promote their NEON series and their NEON MIX basketball, Bavo got to create “Colo(u)rs”, which ended up winning a Ride On Film Festival Award for Best Amateur Movie in 2017.

American sports medicine/protective gear brand McDavid has been a favourite among professional athletes looking to sustain their performance level While their gear is trusted for its scientific approach, they wanted more fun, casual content to target the basketball market. Bavo created the launch video for their #ThisisHowWeBall campaign, which was the start to a long collaboration of content creation, also including an 8-part basketball trick tutorial series which can be found on their socials.

BlackNet, the transportable basketball net meant to ensure that desirable “swish” on hoops that lost their nets, has been a groundbreaking invention, and Bavo is proud to be a brand ambassador. He showcases how to put the BlackNet on and how to take it off. In between, he gets creative with it.

Bavo gets hands-on experience with upcoming basketball brand Airball’s flagship Black&White basketball. Using the ball’s monochromatic design, he handily plays with chroma key effects to single out a unique set of tricks weed solely displaying his hands and the ball. In pushing his own persona to the background, he effectively draws all the attention towards the product. As a brand ambassador, Bavo produced plenty of content for Airball’s other basketballs as well.