Bavo Freestyles

One could hardly say Bavo was “born into the game‘, growing up in a country like Belgium, where basketball was but a mere afterthought. It was only when his older brother came home with the video game NBA Street Vol. 2 that Bavo was exposed to this brand of street basketball. Dazzling dribbles, gravity-defying dunks, accompanied by the right beats and the ceaseless stream of witty comments of MC Bobbito Garcia.
How you scored was just as important as how much you scored. These artists with a basketball for a paintbrush and the court as their canvas embraced the fact that athletes and entertainers are one and the same. Unhindered by any coach’s narrow definition of the game, they expressed themselves freely.

Intrigued by all these free-flowing dribble moves in the game, Bavo took the family basketball (which hadn’t seen much use up until then) and taught himself the tricks he saw in the game. The feeling of accomplishment was unlike anything he had experienced before.

From that moment on, Bavo was hooked and practicing basketball tricks became a daily habit. He scoured the internet for freestyle
basketball footage. Inspired by And1 and The Notic mixtapes, he decided he wanted to put out freestyle basketball videos of his own.

Over the years, he managed to become a household name in his niche. Known for his conceptual freestyle basketball content and clean execution of advanced tricks, he continuously pushes the limits of what can be done with basketballs.

Wanting to prove he was as good live as he seemed in his videos, he spent years perfecting his craft to become a professional freestyle basketball performer. At the age of 28, he has travelled across the world to entertain countless audiences. From working for NBA Entertainment to FIBA events, to even the Sydney Opera House, his experience covers a wide range of events.

Being one of the few basketball freestylers in the world capable of delivering a full solo routine on a professional level, Bavo can be seamlessly added to theatre/circus shows as well as major sport events. Have a look at the shows available or contact him if you have specific wishes.